Recruiting studios reach out to ex-Irrational staff following shock closure

#IrrationalJobs: Former BioShock developers seek new jobs via Twitter

Developers affected by the unexpected layoffs at Irrational Games have turned to Twitter to seek new employment.

Several members of the BioShock Infinite team are touting their abilities via the hashtag #IrrationalJobs in an effort to make themselves more visible to studios that are currently hiring.

Similarly, development firms with vacancies to fill are calling for specific skills through the same hashtag. Studios that are hiring include Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Raven Software, Retro Studios and Disney Infinity creator Avalanche Software.

Former Irrational Staff have also set up two public-facing Google Documents: one listing other studios and their careers pages, another listing the contact information and experience of former Irrational Staff.

The latter also includes details for ex-Turbine staff following layoffs at The Lord of the Rings Online studio.

BioShock creator Ken Levine announced yesterday that Irrational Games was to close, dismissing all but 15 staff members. Levine will be starting "a small, more entrepreneurial endeavour" with BioShock publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The Irrational layoffs have shocked the industry giving the widespread praise for last year’s BioShock Infinite.

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