A look at why the game's industry is looking increasingly youthful

Is game development a career for the young?

As development matures, its workforce seems to be getting younger, but why?

In Owain Bennallack’s new blog post, he takes a look at some of the reasons why the games making sector appears to be dominated by increasing numbers of youthful faces.

Offering an analysis of numerous factors, such as the pace of technological advances, the pay structure and the increasing numbers of new recruits, Bennallack’s critique provides an interesting insight into an industry that some see as struggling to retain older employees, despite the fame many veterans court.

The blog post, which draws comparisons with the ageism in advertising industry – and the lack of in movie making – also looks at how games themselves may need to mature, and how the needs of older gamers may reflect some of the shortcomings in development.

To read the blog, and join the debate in the comments thread, click here.

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