Interactive Technologies and Games event organisers looking for speakers to address education, health and welfare

ITAG conference calls for speakers

Those behind the Interactive Technologies and Games conference have today opened a call for speakers.

The ITAG event, which is part of this year’s GameCity festival in Nottingham, focuses on the role games and interactive technologies – and access to those platforms – can have in rehabilitation for people with disability.

Speaker submissions covering a range of topics that address the relationship shared between education, health and welfare and interactive technology are welcomed, with suggested themes including the relationship between MMOs and OAPs and ‘learning theory, pedagogy and instructional design in games’.

“One of the main aims of the conference, along with the research it aims to disseminate, is accessibility – in games, in assistive technologies and this includes welcoming practitioners and user communities to the conference to share their own work in these fields and to talk about their research needs, and how these can be realised by finding research partners at the conference,” said Nottingham Trent University lecturer and ITAG conference chair Professor David Brown.

“ITAG provides a rich, vital new seam of activity and perspective to the GameCity festival, anchoring it to an academic and social agenda which amplifies the activities we already pursue," added Nottingham Trent University lecturer and GameCity director, Iain Simons. "I’m hugely excited about the potential for audiences from both industry and the public to discover new and exciting ideas at GameCity through ITAG.”

The Nottingham Trent University-organised ITAG conference takes place on October 23rd to 24th at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

Those looking to present a paper or hold a workshop at the event can find out more here at ITAG’s official website.

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