New version adds full Vista support and dynamic network condition emulation

Itheon Network Emulator upgraded

Itheon Networks has upgraded the Itheon Network Emulator, adding full Vista support and dynamic network conditions.

The INE emulates various network topologies, such as wireless, wide area, 3G and GPRS on a local LAN so that assorted network conditions can be tested before deployment. Previous versions only allowed static network conditions, but the scripting capabilities of the new edition adds in the ability to dynamically change conditions to emulate real-world situations.

‘Giving full Vista support for INE for Windows is very important as there is no doubt that this will become the standard operating system for both corporate and home users, and organisations are now developing and testing their software for Vista, said Frank Puranik, Itheon Networks product director.

“They’ll certainly want to ensure their new Vista software is going to perform properly in WAN, Wireless, Satellite and other non-LAN networks. The move to dynamic scenarios was next on our agenda, as it increases the realism of the network conditions by varying them as they would naturally vary in real-world networks.”

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