It’s Diablo meets Dark Souls in Devolver Digital’s Norse-flavoured hack ‘n’ slash Eitr

The publisher behind indie hits Hotline Miami, OlliOlli and Broforce is combining elements of some of gaming’s greatest fantasy titles for its next release.

Eitr is named for the Norse mythical substance, said to be the origin of all life. Somewhat ironically, the liquid is also said to be highly poisonous.

Developed by London-based outlet Eneme Entertainment, the game embodies the Norse mythology of its title, bringing in other legendary aspects such as trickster deity Loki and the magical treeYggdrasil.

Gameplay-wise, Eitr’s hack-and-slash mechanics look to be somewhere between the punishing Souls series and the isometric combat of Diablo, with similarly gothic monster and character designs.

In terms of appearance, however, the game’s 16-bit stylings are more in line with indie darling Sword and Sworcery.

The plot follows the fittingly-named Shield Maiden, who takes on the challenge of traversing nine worlds and saving the world from imminent doom.

The game is due out on PS4 and PC next Spring.

Take an early look below:

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