Console firm defiant on hardware despite Wii U woes

Iwata: Nintendo committed to making dedicated gaming platforms

Nintendo is committed to creating dedicated gaming platforms despite lacklustre sales for its Wii U consoles to date.

The company’s president Satoru Iwata has told shareholders and investors that he believes Nintendo can capitalise on its hardware and software operations, and aims to build a business over the next ten years that "improves people’s quality of life in enjoyable ways".

The first theme surrounding its quality of life goals will be ‘health’, although Iwata didn’t provide any further details on how this will be achieved.

"We believe that we can capitalise the most on our strengths through a hardware-software integrated platform business, and therefore this type of dedicated video game platforms will remain our core focus," he said.

"We will continue to value the spirit of originality described in our motto ‘The True Value of Entertainment Lies in Individuality’, and will continue to provide products and services which pleasantly surprise people.

"With a platform business that improves people’s QOL in enjoyable ways, we will attempt to establish a new business area apart from our dedicated video game business. We have set "health" as the theme for our first step and we will try to use our strength as an entertainment company to create unique approaches that expand this business. Through our new endeavours with the QOL-improving platform, we strive to further promote our existing strategy of expanding our user base, create an environment in which more people are conscious about their health and in turn expand Nintendo’s overall user base."

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