Ex-Ubisoft producer explains her new role at EA Motive on secret sci-fi blockbuster

Jade Raymond taking ‘creative ownership’ over some of Amy Hennig’s Star Wars title

It’s no secret that former Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig is working on a secret Star Wars game. Now it has emerged that a “significant portion” will actually be handled by Jade Raymond’s new studio.

It was already known that Raymond would be overseeing the project and Hennig’s studio Visceral Games, as was announced when the former Ubisoft producer revealed she had joined new EA developer Motive. However, Game Informer has discovered Raymond will be more closely involved that we thought.

“The team at Motive has creative ownership over a significant portion of the game,” she told the site. “Amy’s going to spend quite a bit of time in Montreal. But [the work split between the two studios is] probably not quite 50 per cent.”

“[Star Wars] is going to be a big game, and we’re doing a big portion at Visceral and a big portion at Motive. That’s a huge opportunity. I have a ton of great, talented people who are huge Star Wars fans who really want to work on that. We’re going to focus be focusing on that first.”

EA Motive is also working on a new IP, although Raymond says it is too early to talk about this project.

“We’re getting some of the key people in place,” she said. “I think it’s more about getting the right team that together will figure out the right thing to make than the idea itself. I think games are more driven by the talent.”

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