Addition to Runescape Old School celebrates ‘Falador Massacre’, when scores of players in ‘safe’ zones were accidentally able to be killed

Jagex honours 2006 Runescape glitch with World 666

Jagex has held a one-off event in Runescape to commemorate a notorious glitch that occurred a decade ago.

On June 6th 2006, a number of Runescape users who had been participating in a virtual house party hosted by player Cursed You were booted out of the house by the server.

The players affected subsequently released that they could attack and kill other users, even if they were located in supposedly ‘safe’ zones. This included the city of Falador, where a group of users slaughtered scores of other players, leading to the in-game nickname for the event, the Falador Massacre.

Jagex eventually patched the glitch and banned some of the murderers, but has decided to celebrate the infamous occurrence exactly 10 years on by launching a new world – World 666 – on June 6th in Runescape Old School.

The event saw a recreation of Cursed You’s house party and allowed random players to attack others, with those being attacked unable to fight back. However, those killed did not lose anything. A boss version of noted player killer Durial321 also appeared, with a million life points.

Jagex also issued a cryptic warning message, directing players to World 666 and advising them to bank their items – just as they were told to do a decade ago.

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