CEO confident it will prevail in legal wrangle with cheat-bot creators

Jagex: We will win legal fight on cheaters

The CEO of Jagex has insisted no stamina has been lost in its war against those who cheat on its game Runescape.

Earlier today it was revealed that Jagex had lost its bid for a preliminary injunction against the makers of a third-party bot allowing players to cheat in the popular MMO.

But CEO Mark Gerhard is confident of success in the end.

“This was merely a interim hearing for an injunction,” he told Develop today.

“Jagex is confident that, after all the facts have come to light, it will prevail in this case”.

Impulse Software, the makers of various game hacks, threw a spanner in Jagex’s business plan with ‘iBot’ – an autopilot program that allows Runescape characters to level-up without players tending to the game.

Jagex argued that iBot infringed copyright works in Runescape, though its legal bid hit a brick wall due to various legal complexities.

“Cheaters harm the Runescape community and Jagex is committed to pursuing cheaters to the fullest extent allowed by law,” added Gerhard.

“Botting is in violation of the RuneScape terms and conditions and all Botting accounts are permanently banned from the game”.

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