Tech industry icon 'has helped shape a line of upcoming Apple devices', newspaper claims

Jobs ‘drafted secret Apple plan’ before death

Steve Jobs, the business magnate who spearheaded Apple to become the biggest technology company in the west, crafted a four-year product roadmap for his company to follow after his death, a national newspaper claims.

The technology icon, whose death on Wednesday rocked the technology world, is said to have already laid plans for the next iPhone, iPod and iPad.

British newspaper The Times claimed the next iPhone, apparently due in late 2012 or early 2013, will be a Jobs "legacy device".

The report also stated that Jobs had been working on the iCloud project in his final months, but his fingerprints will be on a new line of products to be rolled out over the next two to three years.

There is persistent industry speculation that Apple will eventually offer its own take on the living-room television. It is believed the company will eventually roll out a full touch-screen TV that would supersede its current effort; Apple TV.

Apple TV is an existing line of hockey-puck-sized peripherals that connect other Apple devices to the television, but the devices have not revolutionised the TV sector the way Apple has transformed computing, music and telecommunications.

Hachette Digital, the publisher which owns exclusive rights to the Steve Jobs autobiography, is expected to document the man’s thoughts as he approached death.

Messages of respect and condolence for Steve Jobs and his family have swept across social networks, as the technology world tries to come to terms with the Apple icon’s passing.

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