Asobo's HR manager Sophie Dosière offers an essential guide to crafting your CV

JOBS IN GAMES: Ten tips for the perfect resumé

Your objective is to drive recruiters to select you for an interview. But it’s not that easy to improve one’s application tools, and to stand out from the crowd.

Here are ten simple tips to check if your resumé is effective enough.

• Form and substance have to be worked equally: You have to help readers scan your resumé quickly but efficiently. Keep in mind they only have few minutes to have a look at it and make their choice.

For example – use bullet points to be reader-friendly.

• Avoid using too many formats: Always use universal fonts (arial, verdana, etcetera.) and formats (doc, pdf). Your resumé must be readable by everyone on every computer.

• Improve your key message, define one or two objectives: If you want your future employer to keep something in mind about you, what would that be?

• Be simple and clear in your presentation: The purpose is to focus the recruiter on your main skills and competences (be synthetic, you will have time to speak about details later), avoid acronyms and jargon.

If you want to show your creativity, attach relevant samples of your work. They will speak for you. And of course check that the links you put on your resumé really work!

• Adapt your resumé to each employer and job you are applying for – The exact title of the position you apply for, the first line with your key message and adapted vocabulary

Be aware that recruitment processes and methods are very different between the US and Europe. With American recruiters, you will promote yourself, while you will perhaps be more fact-based with European HR departments.

• Illustrate your achievements with specific examples and figures. Be precise about your track record – games you’ve been working on/released, duration of the project, your exact position during development, and the main tasks you had to achieve.

• Improve top placement in keyword-searchable databases: Be sure to use the key words from your job description and/or from the job offer. Put your name and the job position in the title of your file.

• Never lie in your resumé (particularly about technical skills or language spoken), don’t copy and paste someone elses.

• Don’t hesitate to add information about references you have, but make sure they are updated and that those persons can be easily reached.

• Read your resumé repeatedly and ask some friends to check it – This will help avoid spelling or grammar mistakes and misunderstandings.

Also, why not ask some professionals to read your resumé and give you some tips? This can also be an excellent way to improve your chances and extend your network of contacts.

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