Develop columnist and game audio champion receives GANG Recognition prize

John Broomhall honoured at G.A.N.G awards

Audio consultant, long-time industry stalwart and, above all, super Develop columnist John Broomhall has been honoured at the 2009 Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G) Awards, receiving the GANG Recognition Award for his numerous services to the field of audio in games.

Broomhall worked as head of audio for MicroProse, Spectrum Holobyte, Hasbro Interactive and Infrogrames UK, where he worked on classic titles such as Sid Meier’s Civilization, UFO: Enemy Unknown and MechWarrior 3. He set up his own consultancy Broomhall Projects in 2003, and has contributed to modern classics such as Heavenly Sword and Guitar Hero.

“I’m absolutely delighted and very honoured to receive a G.A.N.G Recognition Award," Broomhall told Develop.

"When I first started working in videogames, writing music for titles like XCom and Transport Tycoon, I would never have dreamt there’d be game audio awards in the future – let alone receive one.

"I’m constantly amazed and impressed by how far we’ve come in music and sound for video games, and what amazing work people do. It’s been a privilege to celebrate that and promote the cause of game audio wherever I can through my involvement with, among others, BAFTA and of course our own Develop magazine.

He added: "So to everyone who’s ever been interviewed by me for my monthly column, or accepted my invitation to speak at a game audio event, or who’s served on a BAFTA audio jury – thank you very much! We’ve all jointly pushed things forward. I’m excited about the future of videogames and the increasingly sophisticated and artistic use of music, sound and dialogue within them.”

Congratulations from everyone at Develop!

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