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JournoDevSwap: All the games and stories here

After a fantastic weekend of game development and journalistic flair – the 48-hour JournoDevSwap, organised by Ukie, games consultant Will Luton and Developer – is over.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up with everything that happened at the weekend and all the games, stories, reviews and opinion pieces from the game jam.

You can test out all the game’s, which were developed by journalists-cum-developers and students right here at IndieSkies.

The game’s – all designed around the theme of ‘Swap’ – include award winning game Double Droids (Keith Stuart and Theo Chin) as well as GI Joyce (Rob Crossley and Kevin Chandler) and Just Like Real Life (Lewie Procter and Karn Bianco), with Split Destiny (Dan Griliopoplus and Luc Shelton) to be added soon.

Huge thanks must go to the event’s stars, a group of games development students from the University of Derby, who assisted with the development process throughout the weekend. They were Karn Bianco, Jake Woodruff, Chris Barnes, Luc Shelton, Kevin chandler, Theo Chin and David Jones.

Below we have all the stories from the event organised into theme and time of upload.

For more information – You can also check out Keith Stuart’s excellent blog on The Guardian here.

You can also visit the Tumblr for images and videos from the event as it happened.

Let us know what you think of the games and the stories written by our developer-cum-journalists in the comments below.

But for now – Develop is regaining control. Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

JournoDevSwap stories:

Original story

The winners


Keith Stuart wants you to look Normal – Peter Theophilus-Bevis (Blitz Games Studios)

Dual shmup showdown – Mark Backler (Lionhead)

A journalist and a student walk into a game jam – Jim Griffiths (Mediatonic)

Through the looking glass – Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk)


Double Droids’ double-or-nothing – Jim Griffiths (Mediatonic)

It’s a hard life – Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk)

Granny Ninja – Peter Theophilus-Bevis (Blitz Games Studios)

The story behind Love Octopus’ auto-runner – Mark Backler (Lionhead)

News Scoop

First fully working game – Mark Backler (Lionhead)

Hacks hash hack – Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk)

Just Like Life’s spaceship leaked – Peter Theophilus-Bevis (Blitz Games Studios)

UKIE dev-press swap confirmed to return next year
– Jim Griffiths (Mediatonic)

Opinion pieces

Land of the Rising Fun – Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk)

Players want more stupid story in their games – Jim Griffiths (Mediatonic)

The message of this game jam – Peter Theophilus-Bevis (Blitz Games Studios)

The magic and misery of game james – Mark Backler (Lionhead)


GI Joyce review – Mark Backler (Lionhead)

Double Droids review – Andrew Smith (Spilt Milk)

Just Like Real Life – Jim Griffiths (Mediatonic)

Split Destiny review – Peter Theophilus-Bevis (Blitz Games Studios)

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