Griddled Octopus simply not sufficient to sustain enslaved students

JournoDevSwap: Hacks hash hack

[For their third challenge, our developer-cum-journalists were tasked with uncovering a news scoop from the game jam – You can find all the JournoDevSwap articles here.]

Halfway through the hack and already the strain is showing, as several teams seem to be working with fewer resources. At least one team of students is unsure as to the location of their journalists-turned-designers.

Your dogged correspondent is unsure as to the cause of such egregious absenteeism, but it can surely be narrowed down to one of two things. The poor diet evidenced by the discarded coke cans, pizza boxes and crips packets that crunch and clatter underfoot… or the weather.

Having poured down overnight, the skies opening as if to mourn the death of game design as an art at the hands of the Journo Dev Swap hack participants, the sun has deigned to grace the skies above UKIE with its radiance, and the lure of fresh air and vitamin D surely must be proving too much for some participants.

"I’m feeling the lag" laments Rob Crossley, as he slumps forward, another inch closer to toasting his forehead on the blistering hot mac he’s using to edit sound effects, all the while singing Enya. If there’s one more ‘sail away’, judging by the pained looks on the other teams in the room, blood may be shed before the day is out.

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