The PS3 version of SingStar will hit Europe in June and the US in the autumn.

June debut for London Studio’s PS3 SingStar

The PS3 version of the game relies heavily on the PlayStation Network. The previous versions of the franchise, which were all purely disc-based, have already sold seven million worldwide with 30 songs on each disc, delivering a total of 200 million songs to players.

For PS3, SingStar is "all about extending the experience online – downloading content and uploading content," explained Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison.

Via the SingStore players can download tracks and preview music videos, purchasing tracks to build their own tracklist for a sing along session. Using a USB camera players can upload videos or pictures of themselves singing which can be rated and scored by other players. Users can also access wallpapers and other content to customise their version of SingStar.

"Where we are going with the integration of community and commerce blended together is a very compelling experience on PlayStation 3," added Harrison.

"We’re are working very closely with the music industry to get a very wide variety of songs up on the network."

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