Netherlands outfit promises to 'demolish' barriers to entry for cloud hosted games

Kalydo offers free trial of cloud service

Netherlands cloud gaming technology and service provider Kalydo has made available a free trial of it’s distinct file-based cloud hosting service.

Game developers of any kind and size can now register for Kalydo’s free trial, granting them access to a service which is already in use by Cartoon Network, Gungho and Neowiz.

Kalydo promises to save developers money and effort by offering a service focused on file content streaming rather than video streaming, and purports to provide a zero-latency and highly scalable alternative to existing options.

“Until now cloud gaming has been a buzz word without actual successful live services and results," said Kalydo CEO Doki Tops. "Kalydo shows the opposite, not a keynote at E3 of what is coming, but a live service with clear pricing that any developer can join today.”

“Kalydo is based on file streaming instead of video streaming such as OnLive," added Mark Schroders, Kalydo CTO. "Our technology works on low bandwidth connections and is suitable for any type of game such as open world MMO´s, racing and shooter games.”

Developers can sign up for a free trial at the Kalydo website.

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