NaturalMotion technology 'empowered our animators to create believable characters'

Kaos selects Morpheme for Homefront animations

Animation specialists NaturalMotion licensed its Morpheme technology to the developers of the upcoming FPS Homefront, the company has said.

New York outfit Kaos Studios used Morpheme technology throughout its three-year Homefront project, which has today reached its final stages.

Morpheme animation technology has been used in recent high-profile projects such as Ninja Theory’s Enslaved and Codemaster’s Bodycount. The tech is said can allows devs to build responsive characters in a rapid and straightforward manner.

“In Homefront, we aimed to present the player with an authentic vision of an occupied America,” said Kaos creative director David Votypka.

“NaturalMotion’s Morpheme empowered our animators to create believable characters that our audience could connect with, to help us convincingly portray the human cost of war.”

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