Details are vague but the Fallout New Vegas studio appears to be cutting into workforce

Key staff claim Obsidian is issuing redundancies

High-profile developers at Obsidian Entertainment have been made redundant, according to multiple sources.

News site VG247 has unearthed several Twitter messages from key development personnel at the California based studio.

It appears that lead producer Akil Hooper has been made redundant after eleven years at the developer.

A message on Hooper’s Twitter feed read: “Eleven years, nearly a dozen shipped titles, one cancelled game, survived seven layoffs, but the eighth got me. Not a bad track record.”

Programmer Justin Reynard appears to be safe, but said “today marks my 3 year anniversary working at Obsidian Entertainment. To my co-workers, and sadly the ones we’ve lost, you guys are amazing”.

Other sources suggested the layoff operation went further, affecting producer Tess Treadwell and designer Sydney Wolfram, and a group of interns.

No press contact was immediately available to speak to Develop.

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