SPECIAL FEATURE: Lionhead's Molyneux, Rare GM and others discuss state of the UK industry

Key UK devs discuss the trials and tribulations of Britsoft

In a an extensive two-part feature now available to read on Developmag.com (here and here) we’ve teamed up with UK independent single-format magazine 360 to quiz a number of leading Britsoft developers about the state of play for the games industry.

Topics up for discussion include Government support for games, competing on the global stage, whether the Hollywood model is viable for the games industry, and the potential of a single-format future.

Part one of the roundtable, which looks at government support for the industry and changes to the business over the past years can be found here.

Part two, which looks at the difference between ‘artist’ games and commercial ones, the Hollywood model, and a single format for games, can be found here.

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