Popular website offers new crowdfunding opportunities for Canadian companies

Kickstarter opens up to Canada

Kickstarter is set to allow developers in Canada to launch projects on the site.

The site will go live in the country later this summer, and developers can keep up to date with its progress by signing up on the official website.

In October last year, Kickstarter opened its doors to UK developers for the first time, a move widely welcomed by studios. In its first month, more than £2 million had be pledged to UK-based projects.

One such project to achieve success on the UK-facing site was Peter Molyneux’s god game Godus, developed by 22Cans, which went on to garner £526,563.

Other projects to take to the Kickstarter website include the Double Fine Adventure, now known as Broken Age, which sweeped up more than $3 million and kicked off the crowdfunding craze.

The success has been followed by the likes of Torment: Tides of Numenera, Project Eternity, Ouya and GameStick.

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