Research details trends for successful video game crowdfunding campaigns

Kickstarter report claims rising support for big projects

A report from Ico Partners has been released, providing data on successful video game Kickstarter projects up to December.

With consumer skepticism mounting, many believe the crowdfunding craze may be on the decline.

The report, however, claims otherwise, citing data showing both average and mean dollar ammounts raised had climbed since June.

In addition, the number of successful projects has climbed from 137 to 185.

While the report does not include data for failed projects, it suggests strongly that successful projects are becoming more lucrative than ever.

As the majority of funding on the site goes to projects that raise over $250,000, it seems safe to assume that backers are more willing to put money into larger projects.

Not only do these projects, which account for a small percentage of the population, attract the majority of funds, but they also draw the highest dollar ammount per backer.

An interesting trend recorded on page eight shows that total funds raised tends to peak just prior to a similar peak in the number of campaigns on the site.

But when the total number of projects climbs, consumers contribute less money in total.

This suggests the best time to launch a project is when total funding on Kickstarter is rising and fewer projects are being launched.

This may seem like common sense, but if the report is accurate, this has not been standard practice over the past year.

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