New feature allows studios to replace finished campaign with gateway to finished product

Kickstarter Spotlights let devs tell their crowdfunding success story

Kickstarter has added a new feature to its site that allows successful campaigners better display the results of their crowdfunding.

Currently the site just shows that a crowdfunding goal was met, with the company behind the appeal able to add text project updates where the original pitch was if they so choose. However, the new Spotlights feature offers a more stylish alternative.

Kickstarter Spotlights allow devs to create a gateway page summarising what has happened since their crowdfunding appeal achieved its goal. They are then able to add a link that will lead interested consumers to further information or the finished product.

The site is currently using inXile’s Wasteland 2 as an example, which reveals how successful the game has become since the appeal with a link to purchase the final game on Steam.

"Once the funding is over, Kickstarter project pages are just static relics of what they looked like on the day their campaign ended," Kickstarter spokesman Justin Kazmark told Polygon.

"Starting [this week], that changes. The 80,925 successfully funded projects to-date will have complete creative control over a permanent showcase that allows them to celebrate the latest part of their journey."

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