Not sure how Kickstarter UK will work? Our FAQ Will help you

Kickstarter UK – The FAQ

Confused by what Kickstarter’s UK debut means for you? Fear not, as our FAQ will help answer your questions about launching your own crowdfunded project from the United Kingdom.

Does Kickstarter UK work in exactly the same way as the US version?
Nearly, but not exactly. Almost every element is identical, but rather than use Amazon Payments as US users do, backers of UK projects will enter their details directly into the main Kickstarter website.

Can members of the public based outside of the UK pledge to UK projects?
Yes. As with any other Kickstarter project, people from across the globe can pledge.

Will there be a special UK Kickstarter website?
No. UK-based Kickstarter drives will be listed on the main website with all the other projects

How do the fees charged by Kickstarter work for UK-based projects?
Pledges under £10 are subject to a 5 per cent fee, while pledges of £10 or over will be charged at 3 per cent. There will be no charge applied if the project is unsuccessful in reaching its funding goal.

Will pledges be displayed in sterling or dollars?
UK campaign amounts will be listed in pounds, but international backers will see their donation approximated to U.S. dollars prior to completion.

What else will be introduced with the launch of Kickstarter UK?

In the build up to Kickstarter UK, the platform’s team also introduced a streamlined international shipping option for both US and UK projects. The update means it will be much clearer when a project creator has requested that international backers add an additional amount to their pledges to cover shipping of games and other items.

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