Game projects bring in more cash for crowdfunding site than any other category

Kickstarter’s ‘year of the game’

With game projects bringing in more revenue than any other category, Kickstarter has officially declared 2012 to be the ‘year of the game’.

Since Tim Schafer’s Double Fine adventure campaign raised $3.3 million, games have been the most active of any category on the crowdfunding site.

Only eleven projects have crossed the million dollar mark, seven of which were games projects, and of of them were funded this year.

The eighth was a gaming-related comic.

In 2012, the top funded categories were: games – $50 million, film $42 million, design – $40 million, music – $25 million, technology – $16 million.

Games climbed from the eighth to the second most funded category in Kickstarter history, jumping from $3.6 to $50 million this year alone.

There is no doubt about it – the Double Fine campaign was just as revolutionary for crowdfunding as it was for the games industry.

With fans able to give money directly to the projects they want to see, there is little to hold a visionary developer from taking a good idea all the way to launch with nothing more than community support.

Just this week, another big name in adventure games reached a funding goal of $400,000, ensuring the BAFTA winning Broken Sword series would see yet another release as a classic of the point & click adventure genre.

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