Kojima "depressed again" by Grand Theft Auto V next-gen port

The quality of Rockstar’s next-gen Grand Theft Auto V teaser has once again saddened Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima.

That’s because, as he previously confessed, he thinks the game is so good it makes others – including his own – look bad.

"What Rockstar has created and the world they have created is super impressive, and actually when I saw the PS4 version a few days ago I got depressed again," the famed developer told CVG.

And this is not game design-related it’s just me. The quality that they showed in the PS4 trailer was really impressive.

Of Metal Gear Solid V he added: "It’s a bit different because Rockstar is going in a very different direction to what I’m trying to create. When we say we’re an open-world game it makes it sound like it’s trying to be the same as what those guys are creating. But this is very different – I’m trying to do a free infiltration game.”

It’s not the first time Kojima has admitted to being depressed by Rockstar’s achievement.

In July last year he tweeted: "GTA V new trailer was awesome! This free control is future of the game, way higher than anywhere, makes me depress[ed] as matter fact. I don’t think our ‘V’ can reach that level. Rockstar’s team are the best. Without question they will pull up the possibility of game.”

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