‘We want to put out something as handmade as possible,’ says iconic designer following reveal of debut independent release Death Stranding

Kojima has no plans for a Western studio or game franchises

Hideo Kojima has pulled back a little more of the curtain on his plans for his independent studio, Kojima Productions.

The outlet was formed last year after the Metal Gear Solid creator’s departure from his identically-named internal development team at Konami.

Kojima subsequently stated that he would keep the studio small, aiming for fewer than 100 staff – under half the size of his former home.

Now, the renowned designer has commented on the possibility of a Western arm for the developer, as with the now-closed Konami-owned Kojima Productions LA, as well as the potential for multiple projects at the new studio.

"About the [Kojima Productions] LA studio, the mission was, at that point, to put something out from the IP line every year," Kojima told Polygon. “[There were] two [game franchises] running in parallel in Tokyo and LA."

Kojima also reiterated his desire to focus on a single game – the recently-revealed Death Stranding – rather than building major franchises.

"That is not our current strategy,” he said. “We want to put out something as handmade as possible. We’re not thinking about [product] lines so much; I’m thinking about our team. I’m not thinking about doing a huge Western studio."

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