Kojima used world tour to hunt down a game engine

If there’s one thing Hideo Kojima is not know for it’s delivering games quickly – and that’s something he wants to change for his first solo release.

The Metal Gear Solid creator embarked on a world tour earlier this year, and now IGN reports that he has said at the Nordic Game 2016 festival that one of the aims of his epic trip was to find himself an existing game engine for the new Kojima Productions’ first release.

Why? So he can skip over having to build his own engine and get the game out faster.

"I actually think it’s better to make games using internal tools," Kojima said. "As for my first title, because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine – the reason I am travelling around the world is looking for such technology to use.”

He also explained that while he had initially thought to release a smaller scale project for his first solo game, his mind has since been changed.

"At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title,” he added. [But] after I met friends and acquaintances worldwide they said, ‘no everyone’s expecting you to make a big title’. So the first title coming from me will be a big title."

Kojima’s protracted divorce from Konami was concluded in December. At the same time he announced the formation of a new studio, Kojima Productions, and a partnership with Sony to release his first independent title on PS4.

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