Average paying user spending as much as $60 per month on free-to-play platform, says Jim Greer

Kongregate: Core players more valuable than casual

Core players generate higher revenue in the free-to-play sector than casual gamers, the CEO of Kongregate has said.

Speaking to Develop, Jim Greer said that while its free-to-play service Kongregate had a similar conversion rate to other platforms at two-to-three per cent, paying core gamers were spending as much as $60 a month on average.

He claimed that the typical number for a typical Facebook game was less than a quarter of that, although said that depended on whether the game was targetted at casual or core gamers.

“On the web our conversion rate is similar to other platforms,” said Greer.

“So you have two, two-and-a-half, three per cent, depending on the game. But the average amount spent per month by a player who does spend is about as high as it gets, $60 a month since January.

“That’s the numbers we’re talking about, whereas a typical number for a Facebook game is less than a quarter of that. But you know, it depends on the game. A poker game on Facebook has a more-core male audience, so will be higher, an aquarium game or something like that is about as low as it gets.

“So yes, we think that in terms for a developer, core gamers are just engaged, and in any field it’s the most engaged people who are most willing to pay money.”

Greer’s comments come as Facebook’s head of game partnerships Sean Ryan said the social networking giant was set to redefine gaming on the platform with a string of new core-player focused tittles.

He said that there would be an increased appearance on the site of genres such as first-person shooters, MMOs and real-time strategy games as Facebook looks to diversify its content and get it on the potentially lucrative ‘mid-core’ market.

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