Games with less than a month of development time that are taking risks and breaking boundaries to be focus of incubator

Kongregate creates Launchpad X platform to fund experimental devs

Kongregate has sprouted an offshoot of its Launchpad service, dedicated to incubating studios pushing the boundaries of game creation.

Launchpad X is described as ‘game jam++’ by the firm, focusing on titles that “take risks, push boundaries and break genres”.

These could be titles with under a month of development time, it adds, with funding covering the games from inception to release.

Developers admitted to the programme can additionally choose to monetise their games with advertising or in-app purchases.

Launchpad X will exist in harmony with – rather than replacing – the original Launchpad platform, which was initiated last July.

Like the original Launchpad, X will include access to analytics, game design assistance, UI/UX help, backend support, monetisation advice.

The primary platform for games funded through the service is Kongregate’s own website, but studios have the opportunity to take their creations to other platforms in the future.

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