Russian Communications Ministry and 1C to present project for games promoting â??historic truthâ??

Kremlin considers â??partrioticâ?? titles

The Russian Communications Ministry has presented a project with Russian publisher 1C to develop several titles targeted at increasing patriotism in teenagers and promoting the “historic truth” of events like World War 2.

In an article translated into English on Russian news site RIA Novosti, the project details were outlined. It states that the Kremlin were considering the games as part of their ongoing efforts to “consolidate the nation”.

Six flight-sim titles have been suggested by 1C, one of which has already been demonstrated to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The estimated cost of the whole project has been put at 720 million rubles (£16m), which would be drawn from 1C and various government sources.

A statement from the Russian Commications Ministry described the desired outcome of the project as the creation of “low-cost educational and professional simulators for pilots”.

Estimated project sales of 10 million copies were made by 1C, as well as the desire to see the Russian share of the international games market increase to 10 percent.

No firm commitment to the project has yet been made by the Kremlin.

Russian presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich said it was “interesting”, but that he was not sure if it needed government support.

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