SPECIAL REPORT: We ask 'What lead Autodesk to Kynogon?' as we look at the acquisition that will merge AI and 3D imaging

Kynogon execs to head Autodesk’s new games technology group

Over in our technology section we’ve just posted a new feature looking at Autodesk’s planned acquisition of Kynogon – a deal that will see French AI specialist and the world-renowned maker of 3D asset software brought together.

In the report, we speak to Kynogon co-founder Jacques Gaubil who jokes that the move "isn’t Autodesk integrating Kynogon. Kynogon is integrating Autodesk".

He says this as he and fellow founder Pierre Pontevia will head up Autodesk’s new games technology group with ‘to bridge the gap between Autodesk’s expertise in 3D asset creation and real-time engines’.

“The middleware market is changing fast," Gaubil comments in the special report. "The industry desperately needs stable, longterm player who can offer cross-platform products. That’s what we aim to provide."

Rob Hoffman, Autodesk’s senior 3D product marketing manager, adds: “Not only are we seeing a blurring between industries such as games, films and design in terms of the tools that are being used, but most of the game facilities we’re talking to would prefer to buy their technology off-the-shelf.”

More details on Autodesk’s new strategy and context on the Kynogon acquisition can be found here.

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