Team Bondiâ??s CSI-simulator to miss its 2010 launch window

LA Noire the latest Take-Two project delay

Publisher Take-Two has confirmed a widely held assumption that the LA Noire project has been delayed.

The group told investors last night that the title will not see light of day until 2011. The game was scheduled for release this year.

Take-Two has made the call to delay an inordinately high number of projects in recent times – though the dynamics of such a divisive policy is unclear.

Such delays will drive dev costs up, yet premature releases tend to get low metacritic scores – and Take-Two seems adamant on not publishing games until they are ready.

It’s a policy not without its success stories. This year, Red Dead Redemption broke onto the scene with prevalent critical adoration. The game had been delayed more than once, but went on to sell 7 million units within four months.

Yet much of Take-Two’s line-up – including Mafia 2, BioShock 2 and Max Payne 3 – have all missed their release windows.

LA Noire continues production at Australian independent outfit Team Bondi.

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