Deadline for responses is end of play today

Last chance to vote: should devs decide on prices?

Following our in-depth debate on crunch and overtime, this week the Jury’s attentions turn to digital – specifically, prices.

Given the flexibility and popularity of price deals on the likes of iTunes, Steam and even Kindle, this week’s Jury question is:

Should platform holders give developers more responsive control over game prices on PSN, XBL and the Wii/DSi Store?

Developers and industry members can send their answers to, while the comments section below is open to all.

Weekend discount deals on Steam have seen game sales rocket in the space of two days, while also bringing titles back into the consumer’s field of view. Should developers be allowed to press the button on these types of discount deals?

Is the current system too inflexible? Of all the three platform holders, which do you think would be most likely to give developers freedom to change prices?

Is this just yet another thing that would distract the developer from making quality content? What measures should be put in place to safeguard such an idea? Would the freedom to discount have a negative impact on regular digital prices?

Would people be convinced that, if they wait long enough, the developer will drop the price of its games? Is that necessarily a problem – people waiting to purchase your title?

There are obviously many approaches you can take in your response. All will be collated and published on Thursday, like this.

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