Studio bands together to help colleagues find work

Layoffs at Loot Drop as Ghost Recon cancelled

An entire team has been laid off at Loot Drop after the cancellation of Ghost Recon: Commander.

Loot Drop, home of recently married industry veterans Brenda Romero (formerly Brathwaite) and John Romero, announced the turn-based social game in April.

With a Kickstarter campaign sent back to the drawing board, and the Romero wedding (officiated by Tom Hall on a steamboat at Disneyland), there has been plenty to keep Loot drop busy.

Even so, the studio heads have made it top priority to find the out-of work developers

Brenda Romero broke the news over Twitter, and asked for help in finding the team new jobs.

Within hours, several of the developers had interviews lined up.

"Amazing! Looks like multiple people already have jobs-in-theory due to you reaching out to us," said Romero. "Thank you. These are good people."

"Please keep the leads coming. We have coders, server coders, asst designers, artists and an amazing QA guy."

Those interested in grabbing some of Loot Drop’s developers can get in touch with Brenda Romero through her twitter handle @br.

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