Studio behind Star Citizen’s FPS module cuts six members of staff

Layoffs reported at IllFonic

IllFonic has laid off several of its team members as work on content for Star Citizen nears completion.

The Denver-based studio has been working on the first-person shooter module for the crowdfunded sci-fi game. The module was due earlier this year, but was delayed due to gameplay issues and technical problems.

IllFonic is also working on an online RPG called Revival that, similar to Star Citizen, hopes to fund itself partly through in-game purchases for items such as boats and virtual properties, including $445 mansions.

“We have laid off six members of our staff,” studio president Charles Brungardt told GamesIndustry

“Actually, only three of those were on the Star Citizen team. However, our work for Star Citizen on the FPS module is almost completed, so we are also reassigning more and more members of that team to other projects.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have room for all positions on our other projects and had to lay some people off, which is never an easy decision. We appreciate the opportunity we’ve been given to work on Star Citizen and we know the individuals affected will land on their feet as they were extremely talented. Any team would be lucky to have them.”

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