Game-making tech sold via Steam goes against trend of free engines

Leadwerks Game Engine tops 10,000 paid users

Unity and Unreal may have dropped their price tags but Leadwerks Software reports that it is still doing well by charging for its engine.

The Leadwerks Game Engine has now passed 10,000 paid customers, all of which are able to publish games to Steam.

The tech positions itself as an entry point for aspiring games developers, with a drag-and-drop system for creating game interfaces and plenty of documentation teaching beginners how to make games.

Titles developed in Leadwerks can then be released through the firm’s Game Launcher, a portal available through Steam that lets devs publish games directly to Steam Workshop. All titles also work on SteamOS and support the new Steam Controller.

Leadwerks is currently working on version 3.7 of its game engine, which will add a new vegetation system and other features.

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