Develop â??09: Travellers Tales reveal more on Indiana Jonesâ?? 3D level editor

Lego dev: User-gen content â??needs friendsâ??

The true value of user-generated content is in how it can be shared with friends.

That was the opinion offered by Ryan Seabury of Denver-based Lego Universe developer NetDevil, speaking at a Develop Conference keynote which included speakers from Travellers Tales and the LEGO Group.

“One thing we found with user-generated content is how people say that 95 per cent of it is crap,” said Seabury, “but the value is not that you get to see ten million new levels; the value is that you can share these with your friends. It’s the peer value that makes the game meaningful.”

Seabury’s views were aired as the keynote revealed new details about the upcoming sequel to Lego Indiana Jones.

Of that game, it was Travellers Tales’ Jonathan Smith played through what may be the game’s unique selling point; a Lego-based level editor. Smith assured that the level’s capacity can expand beyond the slightly cramped size that he was demonstrating.

Much like in LittleBigPlanet, it is the characters themselves who are centered at the heart of the level creation process. Smith’s character was walking through a barren play area placing Lego blocks and props to decorate the environment.

The trio of panelists spoke of how user-gen content complements the longstanding ethos for LEGO itself; systematic creativity, Low-entry level for skills, and an open system of infinite possibilities.

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