As the Toriesâ?? promise of a pre-election game manifesto looks increasingly doubtful

Lib Dems back games tax relief

A shadow minister for the Liberal Democrats came out today in support for game tax relief in the UK, in a statement released by industry group TIGA.

That pledge, outlined by the party’s minister for Culture, Media and Sport, comes after the Lib Dems failed to mention tax breaks in its policy manifesto.

"Liberal Democrats support the introduction of a Games Tax Relief,” said Don Foster. “Following consultation on the details, we would implement the relief as soon as possible.”

Develop believes that The Conservative Party is the only one of the three main political forces not yet in full alliance with TIGA and the industry it represents. The Tories have not yet backed TIGA’s own tax relief policy, though routinely claim some form of tax break support will arrive if elected.

Develop has accused the Conservative Party of not delivering a detailed and clear pledge for game tax breaks, a situation that needs to be reversed before the UK goes to the polls May 6.

Ed Vaizey told Develop he would "see what I can do" in regards to publishing a mini-manifesto before the election, as previously promised. Nothing has arived as yet.

TIGA CEO Richard Wilson urged for cross-party consensus on the matter.

“TIGA welcomes the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to support Games Tax Relief and to enact this tax measure as quickly as possible,” he said. “There is a growing cross party consensus that Games Tax Relief is good for the UK development sector, good for the UK games industry, and good for the UK economy.”

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