Microsoft studio temporarily breaks from big projects to build what it wants

Lionhead staff went on two-day creative bender

Famed UK studio Lionhead last month pulled its team off two triple-A projects so all staff could make whatever they wanted, Develop can reveal.

People were given free reign to design what they felt like, either in teams or on their own, and days later demonstrated their creations in a cinema theatre filled with Lionhead staff.

The results included, in particular, numerous creative uses of Kinect technology.

Some of these projects cannot be named, but Develop has highlighted two of the most impressive mini-projects in a new feature, found here.

At the demonstration event, one developer made a Kinect based flying-chicken-man, where the motion-control camera is used to detect a strap-on chicken beak worn by the player.

Numerous staff built Fable spin-off prototypes, while an industrious trio rebuilt the original Populous in HTML5.

Games and projects were presented in front of all Lionhead staff, including seniors Peter Molyneux and Mark Webley.

There is a chance that some of the projects could eventually become fully-funded projects. This is by no means a certainty, however.

To read more about Lionhead’s secret creative labs, go here.

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