E3 2011: Molyneux studio picks Epic Gamesâ?? popular engine for new Kinect title

Lionhead’s Fable: The Journey using UE3

Lionhead Studios has announced that it is building its new Fable Kinect project, Fable: The Journey, on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3.

"In using the Unreal Engine with its excellent tools for crafting cinematic in-game experiences, it allows our developers to focus on the quality and uniqueness of Fable: The Journey," said Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios Europe creative director Peter Molyneux.

"Already we are seeing a more beautiful, vivid and unique world full of dramatic moments and have crafted new, never seen before gameplay experiences."

Epic Games VP Mark Rein picked up the thread, saying: "The world of Albion has always been a beautiful place, and Lionhead embellishing it using the bells and whistles of Unreal Engine 3 makes it even more magical.”

"Furthermore, Lionhead truly impresses with their proficiency for Kinect, with intuitive and natural feeling player interactions using voice and gesture controls in demonstrations we have seen firsthand.

“That gripping experience combined with stunning UE3 visuals truly make this is a world-class union of imagination and technology."


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