Gree and Funzio's iOS and Android game gets $2.3m in one weekend from live event

Live events boosted Modern War revenues by 600%

Gree has released an infographic showing how live events for its iOS and Android game Modern Warfare boost revenues by 600 percent.

In January the publisher began live events for the Funzio title that let players form factions take over countries in massive campaigns.

Gree reports that during these events logins double, revenues rise by 600 percent, and in one weekend alone the company pulled $2.3 million in sales.

The infographic is available through Gree’s Facebook page, and serves as a quick look at just how much interest can be drummed up for a free-to-play game that launched in 2011.

Its interesting to note that if revenues are six times greater during events, and Gree is calculating three days to the weekend, then $2.3 million divided gives just over $125,000 in daily revenues on a good weekend – a strong figure.

Just imagine what a similar event might bring from a game that has pulled $1m in average daily revenues like Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

The level of activity shown during these events may well speak to a game that’s already healthy and profitable without these live events, or it could mean the live events have sparked a new interest in a title that would have been doomed to retirement.

Without more information it’s hard to say, but on its own this serves as an interesting example of how community events can drive consumer interest, enjoyment, and spending.

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