GDC 2014: Untold Games’ ambitious motion-controlled VR adventure picks up two prizes at Game Connection America

Loading Human wins Selected Projects

Virtual reality adventure game Loading Human won two awards at the latest edition of Game Connection’s Selected Projects competition.

The title was chosen by a panel of judges, including Develop, as not only the best project in the Console & PC Hardcore category, but all the best project overall.

Loading Human is currently in development for Oculus Rift, and uses motion controllers to allow players to realistically pick up and analyse objects themselves.

“We’re really excited about this – we weren’t expecting it,” Untold Games’ Elisa di Lorenzo (above in middle) told Develop. “It’s cool because we know we have a game that’s really experimental, and this shows that the industry is looking for that. We’re looking forward to what’s going to happen next.”

Other winners included Glowforth’s Last Inua (best Tablet Handheld project) and Gamester’s Hordemaster (best Social, Casual and Online project).

You can read more about the finalists in our round-ups for each of the three categories: Console and PC Hardcore, Tablet Handheld and Social, Casual and Online.

Game Connection’s Eric Lacroix told Develop: “It’s been another great year, and the competition was very tight – every time we received a new vote from the jury, the winner changed.

“It was really interesting to see that this year’s winner is an Oculus game. Oculus is far from being released – as far as we know – so it’s interesting the jury chose to reward a game based on the technology.

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