Brian Moriarty seeks collaboration with leading studios on follow-up to classic adventure game

Loom creator calls on Telltale, Double Fine and Wadjet Eye to develop sequel

The creator of Loom hopes to one day develop a second game – and he has a few studios in mind who could help.

Speaking at GDC’s Classic Game Portmortem on the 1990 LucasArts adventure game, author Brian Moriarty reflected on his time working with the SCUMM engine and the audio team at Skywalker Ranch, Polygon reports.

With LucasArts all but gone, however, Moriarty has already identified developers that would be well-suited to collaborating on Loom 2.

"There are now three studios who I would entrust with the sequels: Telltale, Double Fine and Wadjet Eye," he said. "Talk to me. I’m on the make."

In preparation for his GDC sessions, Moriarty replayed Loom from start to finish, and suggested it could resonate well with today’s audiences.

"Yeah, it’s shorter than normal and easier than normal," he said, "but that’s what Telltale does every day now."

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