The teams behind the latest Lucas releases on how they handle the fiercely guarded IP

LucasArts talks making better Star Wars games

Key members of the teams behind The Force Unleashed and the latest Clone Wars game have been talking to Develop about how they approach capturing the atmosphere and style of the Star Wars universe.

Fiercely guarded, elaborate and massively popular, George Lucas’ sci-fi world has proved notoriously hard to create games for for some developers, but of late LucasArts has delivered some particularly popular titles.

“Rather than being timid in anyway, very early on we really shot for the moon and then let those in charge tell us what we can’t do,” said The Force Unleashed producer Cameron Suey on how to best approach beginning the development of a Star Wars game, in our recently published feature on the inner workings of the huge LucasArts studio.

“We went for everything we could think of and said ‘pull us back’, which I think was a huge advantage for the development of The Force Unleashed, because thematically it was all about things gamers have never seen before," he continued.

“Everything we do at Lucas is definitely in service of a licence, and it’s important to love that licence for multiple reasons,” added sound supervisor and voice director Dave Collins, who has worked across the LucasArts portfolio of games, and has vast experience of satisfying the license department that oversea the ongoing Star Wars vision.

To learn more about what goes on at LucasArts, and how the developers turn their ideas into Star Wars games that pass the all seeing eye of George Lucas, click here.

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