Final Fantasy developer has no plans to license its next-gen technology

Luminous engine remains exclusive to Square Enix

Square Enix’s next generation engine Luminous will be for in-house use only.

Mike Fischer, head of North American operations for Square Enix, told Shack News that the engine will only be used internally, though external studios may be given access to the engine through publishing deals with the company.

“This is an in-house tool. We’re not building this around a licensing model,” he said, adding that he hopes the potential of its new engine will attract talent work with the company.

Fischer also confirmed there are no plans to use Luminous for other non-game projects, such as another Final Fantasy film. However, he did not ruled it out the technology being used for such a use in future.

The Japanese company unveiled Luminous Studio at E3 2012.

CVG found new footage of the engine, showing a demonstration of a game set in the Final Fantasy world, on YouTube last month, but the videos has since been removed.

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