GDC 09: New functionality showcased at San Francisco conference

Luxology announces customised Collada modo plug-in

3D software specialist Luxology is to release a new customised Collada plug-in for its forthcoming modo 401 tool.

According to a GDC 09 press statement from Luxology, the company is due to introduce ‘a host of new features for exporting from modo and a totally new Collada importer’.

Modo 401 users will be able to preserve key attributes of their modo creations for file export, and round-trip manipulation in complex 3D pipelines.

"There should be no barriers between different applications in a 3D workflow," said Brad Peebler, president and founder of Luxology. "With our new Collada support, modo users will enjoy a transparent workflow that allows them to preserve crucial attributes of 3D files both into and out of modo."

Luxology has highlighted that it: ‘has maintained the original features of Collada, including support for animation and multiple texture coordinate sets and the inclusion of metadata for search operations. The Collada tools in modo 401 have been tested using the Coherency Test Tool.

Furthermore, the Californian studio has written support for modo’s layered transform stacks into Collada, meaning multiple transforms can be specified for a single item. This allows for constructs such as orbital planetary motion to be represented with minimum overhead.

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