Potential game use for Surface Subdivision patents in next version of Modo?

Luxology licences Pixar tech

Luxology, vendor of the Modo 3D art package, has licensed numerous Surface Subdivision patents from Disney’s Pixar animation team.

However, Luxology is keeping its lips sealed on how the technology may be used, simply confirming it will be incorporated into the company’s future graphics products.

"Pixar is not only an important client of Luxology’s, they are also a key source of technology for the computer graphics and entertainment industries," said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology.

"We are very excited to have clear rights to use some of the most fundamental Subdivision surface modeling and rendering algorithms on the planet."

"Luxology is a key provider of outstanding software for 3D content creation," said Rob Cook, VP of advanced technology at Pixar.

"We are very pleased to have licensed these Pixar patents to Luxology for use in its products, and we look forward to seeing those enhanced products arrive in the marketplace."

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