New team Epic War will be dedicated to Mobile Strike, a strategy title fronted by Arnie himself

Machine Zone opens new studio for Arnold Schwarzenegger game

Game of War creator Machine Zone has confirmed the opening on a brand new studio, Epic War.

And the team has already launched its first game worldwide: Mobile Strike, a multiplayer strategy game similar to Game of War and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Terminator appears in the artwork and promotional materials for the modern warfare game, which VentureBeat reports has been tested for months before launching globally this week.

Establishing a new studio allows Machine Zone to maintain the amount of resource dedicated to Game of War, its flagship and most lucrative title.

“We are very excited about the launch of Mobile Strike and are thrilled to have an icon like Arnold Schwarzenegger as our partner and personification of the game,” said CEO and co-founder Gabe Leydon. 

“We decided to adopt the tried-and true-studio model that many developers employ and are also excited to announce Epic War, our new studio whose staff is devoted to developing and managing this new game.

“The new studio will allow us to maintain the existing, dedicated resources to Game of War and in fact, we intend to grow the GOW-focused engineering and customer service teams. We are constantly striving to improve the game experience for our passionate and loyal players.”

This is not the first celebrity Machine Zone has employed to grab attention for its mobile games. The company famously ran a Game of War TV campaign starring model Kate Upton, before replacing her with singer Mariah Carey.

Similarly, Glu Games has enjoyed significant success from its celebrity-themed games built around stars such as Kim Kardashian and Jason Statham.

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