Manhunt 2 thrown possible UK lifeline

Though there’s been no indication that Manhunt 2 publisher Rockstar is considering such action, it has been revealed that an 23 year old legal ruling means that it would be perfectly legal for the publisher to offer its controversial title for download.

The Register reports that downloadable games are not required to have an age suitability classification as such laws only cover physical products. A BBFC spokesperson confirmed to the site that digital distribution of the title would be legal and not contravening the Video Recordings Act”.

However, whilst this would make distribution of a PC version of the title very easy, there would be a number of complications involved in getting the game running on PS2 or Wii hardware.

Despite being twice refused classification in the UK, Manhunt 2 was granted a Mature rating in the US and will go on sale in the territory on October 29th.

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