Margin Makers: Guide to Grand Theft Auto merchandise

The latest entry in Rockstar’s crime franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, is the biggest game of all time in the UK. This month, the blockbuster finally heads to PC.MCV steals a look at merchandise from throughout GTA’s history

At this point, it seems a vast understatement to simply describe Grand Theft Auto as ‘big’.

Launched in 1997 as a top-down 2D title with an arcade-like style, Rockstar’s magnum opus quickly evolved into a fully 3D offering renowned for its satirical humour, epic narratives and adult content.

2013’s instalment, Grand Theft Auto V, became the biggest- and fastest-selling game of all time in the UK, shifting in excess of 2.25m units in five days. 1.57m of these copies were sold during its first day in stores, generating 65m and making it the additional record-holder for day one sales.

In fact, GTA V was so popular that it comprised more than half (52 per cent) of all games sold during September 2013. This is despite the title having launched only on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the time.

Rockstar brought the game to PS4 and Xbox One over one year later in November 2014, with the new edition boasting improved graphics and other new features, such as a first-person mode.

To no-one’s surprise, the game once again topped the charts, bringing the title within two weeks of matching previous entry Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s franchise-high record of ten weeks at number one in the UK rankings.

The series has also experienced massive success outside of the core games. Driven by praise for the IP’s in-game music selection, soundtrack and score collection The Music of Grand Theft Auto V was proclaimed as the best-selling video game soundtrack of 2014, according to the UK Official Charts.

Most recently, the BBC announced that it plans to develop a TV drama inspired by the conception and creation of Grand Theft Auto. The 90-minute special will also explore the fallout from groups offended by the franchise’s explicit portrayal of violent and sexual content.

Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Strategy Guide: Updated and Expanded

This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the title’s entire single-player story, including tips for every main mission, as well as all of the side activities and mini-games. Expansive maps of in-game setting San Andreas are included, pinpointing key objectives, targets and secrets. Players can also read more about the three main characters in the title – Franklin, Trevor and Michael – learning their backstory, personalities and particular skill sets inside-out.

SRP: 14.99

Manufacturer: BradyGames

Distributor: DK


The Music of Grand Theft Auto V

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V include 59 tracks featured in the game’s soundtrack. The set also includes the original score. The vinyl version comes with a colour booklet and lithograph poster, and the six vinyl discs are coloured in a range of pastel hues. The three-disc CD version includes a USB stick shaped like a bar of gold bullion, artwork and a poster.


Manufacturer: Mass Appeal Records

Distributor: Mass Appeal Records


Chop Plush Collectible &Bullet Whistle

The dog of GTA V player character Franklin, Chop, is soft and snuggly in this form. A branded, bullet-shaped whistle is included.

SRP: 28

Manufacturer: Rockstar

Distributor: Digital River Ireland


Grand Theft Auto 3Kubrick Box Set

This collection of models includes fan-favourite characters from GTA 3, including 8-Ball, Misty, Donald Love and Salvatore Leone.

SRP: 36

Manufacturer: Medicom Toy

Distributor: Rockstar


San Andreas Playing Cards& Poker Chips

Based on the fan-favourite title, this set includes ten GTA: San Andreas poker chips as well as a branded deck of 52.

SRP: 14

Manufacturer: Rockstar

Distributor: Digital River Ireland


Grand Theft Auto V Pulse EliteWireless Stereo Headset

This special version of Sony’s Pulse headset is customised with the GTA V logo and works with both PS3 and PS4.

SRP: 129.99

Manufacturer: Sony

Distributor: CentreSoft

Contact: 0121 625 3399

GTA Online Shark Cash Cards

Players can top up their virtual funds with this selection of cards for GTA V’s multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online.

SRP: From 1.99 to 13.49

Manufacturer: Incomm

Distributor: Incomm

Contact: 01489 588 200

Xploder Cheats -Grand Theft Auto 5 Edition

Players can use this pack to enable settings such as unlimited ammo, unlock in-game vehicles and other benefits.

SRP: 4.99

Manufacturer: Xploder

Distributor: Xploder


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